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Edward Porper

Edward Porper

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Once upon a time, January 1 was just an ordinary day - the first day of the 11th month, as evidenced by the “talking names” of the previous four months. Come year 45 BCE, and Julius Caesar decided to charge that day with a new responsibility of starting a New Year (that decision had been tampered with at some point during the Dark Ages but ultimately upheld in 1582 by Pope Gregory XIII). The change brought January 1 within a mere week of another important day, December 25, that had always been celebrated as the day a major star was born (initially, the “birthday boy” was the Sun, then it was replaced in that capacity by Jesus Christ). Just like in chemistry, when two active substances come that close, a reaction is bound to occur. In this case, the reaction in question created a whole new phenomenon - a “holiday season” full of iMAGICnation. As a picture is worth a thousand words, that magic best expresses itself in visual arts. Above is a comprehensive “bigger picture” (quite literally) but the spirit of the magical season is often in details. For instance, what happens when Santa's reindeer decide to take a vacation or are just feeling unwell? Obviously, he needs some other transportation means - and so does his devoted assistant Black Pete

2023 Holiday Season 009.JPG

If Santa's party becomes too big, a couple of motorcycles will not suffice anymore, and a whole train will be needed instead

2023 Holiday Season 015.JPG

And it's not  by chance that the party isn't limited to human beings - after all, who said that others do not deserve their own Christmas, or even their own Santa?!

2023 Holiday Season 028.JPG


It's always a good idea to remember and honour those who came before you - so, some other holidays aren't forgotten, either


Finally, any decent magician would always show respect for a colleague - so, meet the Potters

2023 Holiday Season 011.JPGAnd, when all said and done, the New Year's magic is first and foremost about children and their families, so…

2023 Holiday Season 032.JPG 

                                             MERRY NEW YEAR!